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  • Kitty Mrache
    Kitty Mrache--- Offline
    I love to help clients use EFT to clear the cause of their fears and trauma to create a joyful life.
  • Maria Maldonado-Dunn
    Maria Maldonado-Dunn--- Offline
    Want to feel better, calmer and happier? I can help. I'm a clinical EFT coach. Let's tap together.
  • Toni Mills
    Toni Mills--- Offline
    Take three deep slow breaths......and pause....I'm here for you and I look forward to connecting x
  • Gill Gibson
    Gill Gibson--- Offline
    Helping you create positive, forward momentum in life. Let's go!
  • Jana Sujanska
    Jana Sujanska--- Offline
    EFT for freedom from stress and anxiety.
  • Veronica Bovenzi
    Veronica Bovenzi--- Offline
    EFT helps you keep a clear mind and a positive attitude in all situations, especially difficult ones
    ELISA CALOSSO--- Offline
    Feeling stuck and with no true purpose? Let's work together to unblock and empower you.
  • Trace Pecora
    Trace Pecora--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Claudia Jahn
    Claudia Jahn--- Offline
    EFT for women who care and dare
    I support women to increase their self-care and self-love
  • Dr Vandana Bhasin
    Dr Vandana Bhasin--- Offline
    I help you create that space where you are empowered to heal yourself!
  • Kathleen Rafter
    Kathleen Rafter--- Offline
    Tap with me to discover how quickly and easily you can create Inner Peace and Abundance!
  • Sunnie Skillman
    Sunnie Skillman--- Offline
    I’ve been trained in a number of healing modalities. I’m a facilitator of
    a modality called Access Consciousness. Access facilitates healing on all levels. I’ve been doing this work over 20 years. I currently do an Access energy process on clients at a drug & alcohol rehab center. I’ve created a program using Access tools to clear symptoms of PTSD. In addition to being a certified EFT practitioner, I’ve been trained in an advanced type of tapping called Hacking Reality. I can add some Hacking Reality techniques to a basic EFT session to take a client back to a Younger Self or Past Life scene, where a trauma originated. We clear it there and then re-imprint a picture of what the client would like her present life to be like. This can produce some amazing results! To find out about the Access work I do, go to www.ClearingPTSDsymptoms.com . I have experienced a lot of trauma and sexual abuse in my life, so I can empathize with others who have also done so.
  • Vanessa Perez Weiss
    Vanessa Perez Weiss--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Heather Graham
    Heather Graham--- Offline
    Tap, tap, tapping away anything that is between where you are and where you want to be in the future
  • Jessica Tulloss
    Jessica Tulloss--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Ellen Feldman
    Ellen Feldman--- Offline
    Intuitive, insightful, calm and gentle support for whatever you're going through.
  • Laura Lasater
    Laura Lasater--- Offline
    Does life feel like it's just too much? Tap with me and feel better now.
  • Sandra Zeldes
    Sandra Zeldes--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Debbie Karl
    Debbie Karl--- Offline
    Let me help you Improve your Quality of Life. Release pain, anxiety, trauma & PTSD
  • Richelle Oyebade
    Richelle Oyebade--- Offline
    I am Richelle Oyebade, Energy Psychology Practitioner living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  • Mamta Mozumdar
    Mamta Mozumdar--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Carme Boixadera
    Carme Boixadera--- Offline
    Our session together will leave you feeling empowered, relaxed, capable and grounded in your body
  • Jyll Katofsky
    Jyll Katofsky--- Offline
    Are you facing a Transition (career, relationship, parenting or loss)? Feeling Anxious? Let me help
  • Natalie Bachiri
    Natalie Bachiri--- Offline
    I will help you find your Inner Peace and Happiness and Share it with Everyone Around You
  • Jess Smith
    Jess Smith--- Offline
    I help entrepreneurs minimize stress & limiting beliefs so they can have successful businesses
  • Ana Zaharciuc
    Ana Zaharciuc--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English, Spanish
  • Monica Evans
    Monica Evans--- Offline
    I help cultivate self-compassion when you have a harsh inner critic. Which seems to be most of us.
  • Melissa Pucely
    Melissa Pucely--- Offline
    Transform your emotional well-being and become free from past and present limitations.
  • Cheryl Ennis
    Cheryl Ennis--- Offline
    I help clients solve negative relationship patterns, stress, anxiety and issues stemming from trauma
  • Ginny Kuhn, M.A.
    Ginny Kuhn, M.A.--- Offline
    Often times what is in the way, is the way. Tap with me!
  • Evie G Watts
    Evie G Watts--- Offline
    Reveal, release and relax. How much better can you feel and function? I'd love to help.
  • Diane Davis
    Diane Davis--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Denise Velasco
    Denise Velasco--- Offline
    We'll take the time to gently resolve issues, new or deep seeded, with curiosity and care.
  • Anna Schulist
    Anna Schulist--- Offline
    Ready to be defined by your authentic self rather than your trauma? I'd love to help!
  • Darlene I. Martin
    Darlene I. Martin--- Offline
    I am a spiritually guided practitioner that works with PTSD and Stress. I am available to help you.
  • Nicola Dixon
    Nicola Dixon--- Offline
    Let me help guide you into a new life of clarity and emotional freedom.
  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Niko Ana Jeanne
    Niko Ana Jeanne--- Offline
    Tap with me right now and start to heal trauma that keeps you in anxiety & painful patterns.
  • Miranda Maher
    Miranda Maher--- Offline
    Let's release any stress, anxiety or trauma you may feel together-- Let's tap into calm clarity now.
  • Jenny Manning
    Jenny Manning--- Offline
    I am a Coaching Psychologist based in London, England with over 30 years’ experience working in professional psychology. I specialise in guiding women who have dieted repeatedly to free themselves from emotional eating and to lose weight for good.
    I stumbled across EFT several years ago when I was working on my own longstanding emotional eating patterns and I am constantly amazed at the power of EFT for reaching parts of the subconscious that other therapies just can't reach.
    I listen deeply to my clients and I have been told I create an atmosphere where people feel safe and they don’t feel they are being judged. I have had to deal with several very challenging life events and I bring deep levels of empathy and sensitivity to my work with others. I work in partnership with my clients and I honour the wisdom of every client for shaping the direction of our work together.
    I have lived and worked in both England and Australia and specialised in using psychology in business, especially in developing and supporting leaders to be the best that they can be. I am a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society and a Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.
    Let's tap together and explore how your subconscious can help you move forwards with confidence.
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