Are you feeling stressed, worried, overwhelmed while caring for a loved one or client or just living life? Caring for others while keeping your life straight can be a lot. I can help ease the worries and stop the feelings of having the world on your shoulders so that life can be experienced joyfully while being fully present. Release the past and be present for you loved one or client.

Although my niche is Caregivers, I work with adults and teenagers.

I discovered Tapping in January of 2014 and was so enthused at how it helped me ease my stress and worries, I pursued certification later that year. I have helped over 100 persons live a more present and fuller life. My self included. Since completing my certification, I have found my self in the caregiver role and use Tapping, daily, to help me release stress, worries, fears, and overwhelm. If it wasn't for Tapping, I wouldn't be on this platform open to helping others live a better life.

I help others live their life in the present moment free from overwhelm, stress, worry and fears. Let me help you.



Experience and Qualifications

*Certified EFT INT Practitioner through EFT Universe
*Tapping Out of Trauma certification
*Caregiver to loved ones for over 5 years
*M.I.S. in Information Technology and over 15 years in the Information Technology field


Working hours

11:00 AM to 19:00 PM EDT.
My hours vary and I am available most days of the week and weekends.


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Languages Spoken

  • English