I am a retired professor of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a professor, I conducted numerous research projects and published numerous papers on stress resilience and how to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. I happily entered my new profession of coaching in 2008. I now live and practice in Boulder, Colorado.

HOW DOES COACHING WORK? I am trained as a positive psychology coach. If you are my client, I focus on helping you clarify your key life goals. We then identify your gifts, strengths, and values. Because your energy and commitment arise out of your values and life purpose, we work together to ensure that the goals you are pursuing are aligned with those values. This is called your "Big Why."

We then develop step by step plans for achieving those goals. Our sessions provide ongoing support and accountability to keep you moving forward. Coaching is enjoyable, energizing and productive.

Over time, I have developed a multispecialty practice that is the result of advanced training I received so that I could tailor my coaching to better help my clients succeed. (See the Specialties list below.)

ADDING THE "SECRET EFT SAUCE" TO COACHING. Over the past few years, scientists have discovered how pervasive trauma is in our lives. Large traumas can be paralytic and devastating. However, cumulatively, smaller emotional traumas and loses can underly chronic health problems, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. EFT has been shown to erase many kinds of emotional traumas, efficiently helping people pursue their best lives.

By combining EFT with coaching, I can help clients find relief from old doubts, shame, and fears, so they progress more quickly toward their goals. It is wonderful to see them shine with newfound confidence and optimism for the future!


You know you are smart, creative and capable. But even as you do your best to achieve your life dreams, you can get stuck along the way. If you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next, life coaching can help you succeed. As your coach, I can help you work out what’s important to you, what it is you want now, and how to go and get it. As an EFTU Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner, I use EFT with all my clients --and teach them to use practice it on their own--to turbocharge their positive changes.

As a coach, I delight in helping clients flourish across all areas of their lives. But I specialize in helping my clients achieve the following goals:

OPTIMAL WELLBEING: Develop healthy habits including sound sleep, healthy food choices, and sustainable exercise–and, where needed, managing chronic health problems, and chronic pain relief.

SUCCESSFUL CAREER TRANSITIONS: Find worklife balance, enhance your job satisfaction, and achieve more professionally.

PHD COMPLETION...& BEYOND...Fortify your motivation, organization, and focus to accelerate your PhD completion. Or, if you already have your PhD, coaching can help you craft a rewarding career path.

ADULT ADHD SUCCESS: Struggling with low executive function? Enhance your stress resilience, and improve your organization, focus, and productivity so you can demonstrate your gifts and skills.

SATISFYING RETIREMENT: Find a healthy, active lifestyle that fits your ages and health condition. Work out satisfying changes in your relationship with your partner as one--or both of you--retires. Create an ongoing vision of how you can explore your changing interests and communities. Work through decisions you may need to make about downsizing and relocating.

Experience and Qualifications

PhD, University of North Carolina, Social Work-
Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Counselling and Consulting Psychology,

Professional Certified Coach-International Coach Federation

Certified Margaret Lynch Chakra Master
Level II Christian Mickelson Instant Miracle Master
Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner
Certified EFT Practitioner
Intuitive Career Coach

Retirement Options Certified Coach
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Insomnia Coach (CBT-I)
Realise2 Psychological Strengths Practitioner

ADD coaching
Wellness coaching
Trauma focused therapies


Working hours

Afternoons, Monday - Friday, and by appointment


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