Andrea is a Certified General EFT Practitioner who loves to help people heal and has been doing so for over 14 years. She certified with EFT Universe under the skillful direction of Dawson Church. She presently has a private practice, Tranquil Minds, LLC, and works worldwide via Zoom.

Andrea has experience helping people overcome many problems including PTSD/trauma/abuse, pain, procrastination, limiting beliefs, depression, inappropriate feelings of shame and guilt, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, shingles and other stress-related physical ailments, relationships issues, stress, anger, resentment, grief, sadness, addictions, cravings, worry, blocks to healing and success, fears, phobias, and more.

Andrea recognizes that each of her clients is a unique, multifaceted human being with divine worth. She knows that EFT is a client-centered therapy and welcomes her clients' input. Andrea believes that the answers are inside of her clients, and she is simply the one to help guide them to those answers.

Andrea enjoys watching the light and joy return to the faces of her clients as they release burdens that are sometimes decades old. She is not afraid to try EFT on unique problems and will not shy away from a challenge. Her greatest desire is to leave her clients better off than before they began working with her.

Andrea is of a Christian faith and is able to successfully work with people of all backgrounds and religions in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

Andrea enjoys traveling with her husband, Jeff, and spending time with her 3 grown children. Her favorite destination generally involves a beach. She also might be found enjoying photography, gardening, reading, biking or simply being in nature.

If you are ready, Andrea would love to help you on your healing journey!

"Andrea is a compassionate and effective healer who is very professional in her work...I highly recommend Andrea if you are ready to heal from within."
Bobbi Kline, MD


Inappropriate guilt and shame
Physical symptoms
Stress and anxiousness
Poor self-worth
Limiting beliefs and blocks to healing

Experience and Qualifications

Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner
14 years of EFT experience
Bachelor's Degree in Family Science
Minor in Business Management
EFT training under the skillful direction of Dawson Church
Hundreds of successful sessions completed
Countless hours of personal study


Working hours



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