Hi, I specialise in helping women find their true power and take charge of all areas of their lives, from relationships and family to career and spiritual growth.

Too many women go through life feeling helpless and drained. Giving endlessly, without any sense of fulfilment. Being disrespected and regressive by their family and friends. I work with my clients to find the traumas and limiting beliefs which are behind these patterns, and once these are released in a gentle and safe way, the client’s true potential emerges, empowering them to take the necessary actions to be in charge of their lives and have deeper, loving and meaningful relationships with healthy boundaries.

Originally a unfulfilled finance manager in an unhappy marriage with infertility problems, by hiring my own practitioner to work with me using energy psychology techniques, I discovered its power in moving me from feeling helpless and depressed to feeling empowered and taking full charge of my life. I have let go of my marriage and now have deeper, more meaningful relationships. I became pregnant naturally at 43 years of age and am currently on a spiritual path which helps me to allow love and joy to flow through.

I am a certified energy psychology practitioner and PSYCH-K® facilitator. I work with clients in person in Malta or over Skype. I do tapping circles and workshops on request.

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I specialise in family and relationships, in other words how to be in a relationship where love flows whilst respecting each other's boundaries.

I focus on women who feel that they are giving too much and are feeling helpless. I guide them to a place where they love themselves and those around them whilst letting go what does not serve their true purpose and holding on to what fulfils them and supports their growth.

I give people the secret to truly achieving what they want, whereby they realise that it takes much less effort than they think!

I support people on their spiritual path by accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Experience and Qualifications

I am a certified energy psychology practitioner and PSYCH-K® facilitator.

I have given over 50 energy psychology sessions to 20 different people and I have received over 50 sessions with my coach. My personal life experience and transformation has given me the insight needed to guide others along their path. I can meet people where they are at and gently guide them to where they want to be, all this in a gentle and soothing way, with no judgement.

I am a qualified finance manager and entrepreneurship graduate, whereby I use the skills and experience gained to run a successful practice and help others to maintain a healthy flow of money in order to support their goals and dreams.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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