As an elder with many years of study and helping I am currently most interested in aiding people who want to be part of birthing a new regenerative world but are struggling with emotional resistance. Learn to heal and release old wounds to be able to live out more fully what is described in permaculture ethics as earth care, people care, and future care or what Brene Brown calls courage in vulnerability.

Learn to deal with daily stresses and traumas using EFT and Matrix in order to be free to find and shape your life purpose and live it out effectively.


I am a generalist rather than a specialist but have a strong interest in adult development within an integral framework. Sometimes therefore I find myself helping clients move from one stage of development into the next one which can be a rocky and disorienting passage. I also believe many of us are doing this not just as individuals but together in ways that question our shared cultural beliefs and require reshaping of them. If you are finding that the world doesn't quite make sense in these times and are searching for ways to orient yourself EFT and Matrix can be part of a tool bag for change along with spiritual realignment.

Experience and Qualifications

Although I have two Master's degrees (in theological studies and in systems counseling) and am ABD (all but dissertation) in practical theology and am certified in EFT and Matrix I expect my greatest qualifications come out of a life lived as an adventure. I have lived in many different settings in several countries, have worked in both technology and in people-oriented callings, have been a wife and a mother and a grandmother, have dealt with chronic illness and with a mix of active leisure activities (under water, in the air, on the rock, in the forest, on stage and in the orchestra pit...) and have always searched for meaning and the opportunity to contribute to the greater wellbeing.

I hope that if you are feeling held back in life's adventures that you will welcome whatever aid I can provide in healing and breaking free to go on in a purposeful way.


Working hours

Daily between 11:00 am and early evening EDT


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