I've been a therapist for over 40 years and in my experience -- nothing but nothing works as fast and thoroughly as EFT. Add to that -- gently and safely. As amazing as it sounds - most clients say they find sessions enjoyable! The emotional pain is quickly accessed, felt and diminished. No extended wallowing around in old painful stuff. You often end up laughing, smiling, sighing. And, of course, its versatility and simplicity means that clients are learning how to do it on themselves in their daily lives -- either as first aid when life throws it's curve balls or to continue the work started in session with a practitioner. It's always good to get some professional work to get you started even if you are a DYI kind of person. We practitioners exchange sessions with each other regularly, knowing we all have blind spots and limiting beliefs that are hard to see and contradict on our own. We all need traveling companions on our healing journeys.


Most of my work has been in the field of anxiety relief, anything from current stress to phobias, abuse, and PTSD. Tapping is just the most effective way to
deal with any of these things,
Grieving is another specialty. I've had a lot of personal experience in this area and love to help others get to the other side. I find that few people grieve all the way to completion or realize how many things need to be grieved. It's not just the death of loved ones. All kinds of things disappear from our lives and need to have their absence honored in a deep feeling way. There are lots of things we need to say good bye to in order to be fully present to and appreciating what is in our life right now. May people say they are depressed when it's simply a ton of soggy grief that never got felt and released.
Limiting core beliefs are often the toughest patterns to overcome because they may times have deep, deep roots. That's where tapping and a good sense of humor come in handy. And persistence. Often it's hard to do this yourself because you have bought the lie so thoroughly and at such a young age that you don't even question the truth of your limiting belief .

Experience and Qualifications

I've been in the counseling/personal growth field for over 40 years and have my masters degree in psychology. The last 20 years I've specialized in EFT and have
the expert level certification from EFT Universe. I've led trainings in the US and have given lots of introductory lectures to libraries and social service agencies --spreading the good word about tapping. I'm also trained and certified in Matrix Reimprinting, an advanced tool using EFT that focuses on old stubborn trauma that is still echoing in your life. MR is a powerful tool for changing those old memories.

My 9-5 jobs in the past have included: director of a private counseling center, Battered Women's Shelter counselor, Teen counselor and volunteer trainer at a family agency, counselor at hospital youth emergency, and private high school counselor.

It might interest you to know that I have a lifelong interest in fun! Emma Goodman's famous "If I can't dance - I don't want your revolution" has always made a lot of sense to me. We humans have always preferred parties to funerals and many of us have shied away from therapy in the past and continued to numb our pain out of fear of feeling bad all over again. Who wants to do that!

When I was in graduate school 30 years ago I was also working on the side as a theater clown . Not surprisingly then, the title of my master's thesis was" Humor, Laughter and Play in the Therapeutic Process." A mouthful, I know. Essentially - how to heal and have a little fun along the way. If you are feeling immediate relief and enjoying the process -- you're more likely to come back to finish the process and/or look for another issue to tackle.


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