Great quote from Christopher Robin! - But when you are stressed you just don't see or feel very brave, strong or smart at all.
We all have stress in our every day lives. It is how we manage that stress that makes the ultimate difference in our life.
Together we will brake the stress down, and move on, bit by bit towards a happier and easier every day life.


Emotional exhaustion can take your energy and your good mood. It can leave you feeling drained and tired.
Maybe you have been stuck in this feeling too long, and it almost feels as if it has become a habit?
You CAN find your energy and happiness again. Let us start from an end - and see where you can go to find yourself again.

Experience and Qualifications

I am a certified Energy Psychology and Clinical EFT Practitioner accredited through EFT Universe.
I am also a mother of 3, living in Australia, but born in Denmark, where I have most of my family.
I have tapped since 2012, and I personally fint it to be the best self-help tool there is. For me it connects the dots between all the self-help books and courses I have taken in my life, on my journey.
It is a true Mind Body approach in that it includes direct interventions at the level of the body, and you often feel the effect very fast.
I have helped people with daily stress, moving on after split-ups, test-anxiety, and changing behavior patterns that stopped them from being happy or reaching their goals in life. I have worked with children that feel stressed in school or in their daily lives, and also when it affects their sleeping.


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Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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