Change the story you tell yourself

transform on an energetic level
- the parts of you that held you back or sabotaged you into your allies and supporters
- challenges into opportunities to grow
- ancestral patterns

I’ve been supporting clients since 2003 in private and group settings. I started with client centered counseling (Carl Rogers) and felt that something is missing. I felt more comfortable and got better results for my clients in working with the body. I got more and more interested in .energy healing. EFT is like the crown on all of this.

My clients know there is more to life. They still have dreams: they want to start their own business, travel, create art, feel abundant, want a really good relationship, want to do their work with ease and confidence. Want to have time for themselves, care for themselves, for their interests, for art, beauty, nature.

I love supporting them in trusting themselves more, in releasing limiting beliefs, to increase their self-care and self-love, to be able to care for their loved ones from a place of abundance while daring to pursue their dreams.


Typical session topics include:
- Limiting beliefs (I´m not good enough, I´m not worthy)
- self esteem
- Perfectionism
- People-pleasing or feeling responsible for other’s feeling
- Being overwhelmed by many responsibilities
- Body-Image and weight-issues
- Pain
- Fears
- Clearing events that felt overwhelming like accidents,
issues around pregnancy and childbirth

Experience and Qualifications

Credentials & Modalities
- Clinical EFT Practitioner 2022
- Holistic Pulsing (Bodywork) 2006/2007
- Coaching, client centered counseling 2003
- Business economist 1996
- Quantum Touch® (Energy healing modality) 2008 (the
licence will be renewed in autumn)

- Clinical EFT
- Meditation
- Holistic Pulsing (only in person, not virtual)
- Energy healing modalities


Working hours

Monday 9.00:00 to :16.00 ET
Tuesday 9:00 to 16:00 ET
Thursday 9:00 to 16:00 ET
Friday 9:00 to 16:00 ET
Saturday 3:30 to 16:00 ET
Sunday 3.30 to 16.00 ET

I´m located in Germany


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Languages Spoken

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  • German