Life today is stressful for everyone. However, if you have a loved one struggling with ADD/ADHD, executive function issues, learning disabilities, depression, or anxiety, you have special challenges. Whether your child, partner, sibling, or dear friend has one of these conditions, you’re faced with daily, daunting issues: handling problem behaviors, managing family struggles, a chaotic home environment. Your own mental and physical health is being neglected. Maintaining it is the key to helping your loved ones, because it allows you to function at your best. In addition to my Energy Psychology coaching certification, I have personal experience and an extensive background helping parents and adults whose family members grapple with these challenges.
I can help you:
• Learn to build your own resilience and coping skills to overcome frustration, guilt, anxiety, depression, feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy, others’ judgment, isolation, and exhaustion.
• Understand your loved one’s behavioral patterns and emotional dysregulation, and how to help them build and rely on their special strengths.
• Address the disharmony that typically arises with such conditions, including marital tensions, siblings suffering and feeling neglected, frequent instability in the family, PTSD, and more.
I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and German. Having lived in the U.S. and countries where all these languages are spoken, I am skilled at helping clients with the psychosocial challenges of moving to a new country. Finding a home, getting your kids into school, acclimating to a new job while dealing with daily practicalities as a foreigner are not the most vexing ex-patriot issues. Losing one’s support network while adjusting to a new culture profoundly impacts how you and your family adapt and enjoy your new home. As someone whose been there, it’s meaningful to help others find tools for navigating these particular challenges to create a more harmonious quality of life.


I specialize in helping adults thrive who have a child, partner, or other loved one who’s challenged with ADD/ADHD, executive functioning issues, learning disabilities, depression, or anxiety. Also, because I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and German—and have lived in countries where these are the primary languages spoken, I provide Energy Psychology coaching sessions in all these languages and help families navigate the unique challenges of moving to a foreign country.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner 2019
Master in Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Ca’ Foscari, Venise, Italy 1986

15 years of experience working in the field of education, including teaching children and teenagers with ADD/ADHD and executive function issues, as well as extensive background and personal experience helping parents and other adults whose family members have challenges in these areas.
I’ve lived in Italy, Germany, U.S. and France and am fluent in Italian, German, English and French.

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