Stress from health challenges, financial woes, work dilemmas, business problems, relationship struggles, hurt feelings or losses. The stuff of life.

But, too much stress changes everything, right? It messes with you. Your ability to make decisions. How you think. How you feel. What you do or don't do. It takes away your energy.

To find balance and feel better, people worldwide are turning to EFT. Research shows that EFT reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It can support other positive outcomes too numerous to mention here.

Deborah Lindholm's interest in EFT grew out of an illness that doctors said was incurable. Followed by the loss of a marriage and financial losses.

In recovering, an inner power awakened within her that transformed her life in remarkable ways. Before that awakening, life was out of balance for Deb. She'd spent many years in the business world as a CPA and banker. Then later as an entrepreneur and psychotherapist. To better understand her awakening, she acquired a Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a Holistic Specialization.

It took a holistic approach, including EFT, for Deb to rebuild her life. Now, she combines behavioral coaching with Clinical EFT, a holistic approach, to help clients bounce back from the stuff of life.

What would it be like if you felt empowered? You were able to reduce stress? Support your well-being and your goals?

Today, Deb stands ready to guide you through your process, using Clinical EFT and more to help you nurture your amazing self.


General Stress
Spiritual Matters

Experience and Qualifications

Clinical Certified EFT Practitioner
MACP - Holistic Specialization
Certified Yes Code Coach
Certified Group Coach
Serenity Vibration Healing Practitioner Levels 1-4, Mastery 1-3,
Teacher Levels 1-2
Psych-K Basic & Advanced Integration Certification
Human Design, Levels 1-2
Certified Hypnotherapist


Working hours

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays 10 am - 5 pm Eastern. Other days/times may be available. Please check back.


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Languages Spoken

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