Dr. Alisa Cooper is an innovator in the field of Wellness Coaching, She is a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and a certified EFT practitioner who has been
passionately helping others achieve greater health and well-being for nearly 3 decades.

Dr. Alisa maintains a private practice in Scottsdale, AZ and enjoys working with people online, both near and far. Utilizing EFT tapping, she will help you resolve physical and emotional issues, allowing you to move forward in life with more joy and ease.

Dr. Alisa also taps with dogs to help them overcome health issues, motion sickness, fear of going to the vet or groomer, and separation anxiety.

Dr. Cooper, a wellness advocate, writes numerous health articles, blogs and journal publications. She is co-author of Transformation in Action: Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs to Live the Life of Your Dreams.


Reducing stress and anxiety
Conquering fear and pain
Implementing a healthy lifestyle
Overcoming procrastination
Releasing limiting beliefs
Tapping with dogs on emotional/physical issues
Overcoming guilt and shame
Cultivating gratitude and abundance
Manifesting positive opportunities

Experience and Qualifications

Certified Intermediate EFT Practitioner
Doctor of Chiropractic
Clinical Nutritionist
Life Coach graduate of SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology
Private, group sessions, workshops


Working hours

M-F 9am-6pm


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Languages Spoken

  • English