Right now, if you feel like there is no easy solution or that there are no boundaries to your pain or confusion, let me help you find your centre wherein clarity easily and naturally presents itself. I offer a safe place to unload everything that weighs you down and limits your possibilities. As we work through your challenges we can make room for you to find your own solutions and peace in whatever may be troubling you.

I am so grateful for how tapping has transformed my own life and I invite you to work with me to embolden your own sense of gratitude and freedom, which is only ever one shift in perspective away.

Work on yourself and everything else tends to work out.


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Before EFT Evie Soemardi enjoyed a career that has always kept her within a service-to-others role. Having been a teacher through to a trades person, as well as being a keen advocate of the Arts, Evie has life experience that allows her to understand what it is like to work in both public and private sectors, as a single entity in a large organisation, and as a small business owner with a small team. As such she is well placed to offer genuine empathy and attentiveness to those she now works with.


Stress and anxiety
Setting boundaries
Trauma recovery
Cult (or abusive groups) recovery
Limiting beliefs

Experience and Qualifications

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner
Graduate Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts
Reiki Master (III)


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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