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I only knew how stuck I'd actually been once I became free. Now my passion is to meet you where you feel a snag in life weather it feels small or large, and walk beside you while you brave the way toward personal awareness and emotional freedom.

After 20 years of chronic anxiety I couldn't live under the weight anymore and knew something had to change. I feel like I tried EVERYTHING and even after having proper support, I couldn't shake the "shakes". Once I was introduced to EFT, I was able to understand and move through my old and new stuff with a sense of calm that I'd never felt before. It felt like a miracle and I knew it was the tool that had been missing in my work and life. I quickly switched career paths in hopes to reach as many women with EFT as possible.

As a Life Coach and certified EFT Practitioner, I’ve been successfully coaching women ages 10-80 and helping to equip them with self discovery, acceptance and self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, or feel out of control emotionally, my services aim to introduce clarity and peace for transformation using EFT, as I assist you in understanding yourself and learning how to move forward differently with daily life. After all, it's not your fault!

One of my favorite personal cases was helping a teen quit cutting herself in only ten minutes-not only was she able to identify her trigger on her own, but she felt immediate permission to feel her feelings. She became the "go-to" girl in her class when her friends were struggling and her family vouches that she hasn't ever been the same and walks through life with a new sense of joy.

My favorite part of EFT is allowing someone to voice a feeling they may or may not even know they have-the tapping allows it to be filed properly once and for all allowing a new healthy response as opposed to an unhealthy reaction. Once these ugly truths are voiced we have a new empty space that only love and truth can fill.


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Experience and Qualifications

I've been naturally drawn to groups of women since I was a young mom at 19 years old. I lead mom's groups inside and outside of the church and always prided myself in being a healthy friends and guide to those who seeked truth and direction. Once I discovered EFT I was excited to get into the hands of women who just never seemed to be able to set old habits aside. I was one of them. I hadn't realized up until that point how overwhelming our subconscious can be when it comes to our past and the ways in which it tries to protect us. As I learned to be gentle with myself, I became my own example of what this gift can do for a person who has lost hope.

2015 marked a major journey toward deep healing for myself and my marriage as we suffered a huge loss, a physical uprooting of our sense of "home" and I wound up with multiple health issues and injuries. Through my healing, EFT was gifted to me by a trusted mentor and I began bringing EFT into my personal relationships, friendships and mentorships as well as with those I lead in groups. I was still skeptical how something so strange could work for so many things so I began practicing on my own new hang ups, health issues and injuries and couldn't deny the freedom I was experiencing, as well as delivering to those around me.

I was an EFT Coach for about two years while I navigated away from my previous career and knew it was time to sprint toward my EFT Certification to better help others. EFT helped me remain present with my family and it's healing abilities were obvious.

I've been a certified EFT Practitioner through EFT Universe for two years and have never been more excited about who I am, and what I do. My breath is taken away regularly while I watch women who deemed themselves "unworthy" finally FEEL their worth.


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Misc Hours M-F. I am often available but not signed in and can be reached via cell @ 805.748.6828


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