All my life I have been interested in people. My childhood made me curious about family dynamics and why people behave as they do. I was fascinated by the different cultures and beliefs of school friends. The East End of London in the 1970s was a multi-cultural place!

My business career gave me opportunities to learn from professionals in many areas.
Marketing, promotions, accounts and administration all became second nature.
Trust is the key element in any relationship and any business, which is more evident today than ever before.

I believe winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. I am determined to help others win at life. I offer help and understanding without judgement, because I have needed those qualities myself.

In childhood - I suffered great sadness and trauma.
In business - we had more awards than wall space.
In relationships - I have overcome negative patterns.
In sport - I have won and lost wearing a Great Britain shirt.
In health - I have beaten cancer and found new ways to energise.

In body - we can heal!
In spirit - we have unlimited power within each one of us.
In mind - wisdom is to understand and accept our uniqueness as individuals.


Limiting beliefs and their re-assessment.
General stress relief.
Practical and creative solutions.
Playing devil's advocate to offer an alternative viewpoint.

Experience and Qualifications

Over 50 years of self-improvement, self-awareness and analysis.
Over 35 years of business experience, both corporate and owning a microbusiness.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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