Certified EFT Practitioner passionate about helping those who are transforming their life


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Experience and Qualifications

Ginney has more than two decades of working with energy. She is an Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur, Certified EFT Tapping Coach and Grief Educator. After happily working in a corporate setting as a Recruiter for many years, where she got to work with many people who were seeking employment, she began to develop a new path, as a Transformational Coach, helping people who were making big changes in their lives. The common thread was transformation,. Sometimes the changes were welcome, as people explored a new career, a new job, a new relationship, or a new home. Sometimes the changes were not as welcome, as people were moving through grief.
Ginney pursued EFT Certification in order to share the gift of tapping, which is a such a powerful tool, with her Clients, as they move through their life with more ease, as their own pace.


Working hours

Mondays 9 AM to Noon Mountain Time
Wednesdays 9 AM to Noon Mountain Time


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Languages Spoken

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