EFT can help you with an incredibly wide variety of problems in remarkably affective ways. You're able to discover why the problem is really there by tracing it back to it's root. And in the process you're able to create lasting change.
You can reduce (and sometimes completely resolve) tress about something, you can develop more resilience, address procrastination, have greater intelligence (both mentally and emotionally), you can improve your communication in difficult circumstances, see problems from different angles and find solutions that no amount of "pushing" and "trying" will solve.
There's an ever growing body of research showing its effectiveness for depression, anxiety, PTSD, sports performance and even physical pain.

I love using this approach that is simultaneously gentle and affective. I work with clients worldwide over video conference, as well as having a home office in Melbourne Australia, offering sessions in both English and French.


I specialise in helping leaders perform at a high level in a sustainable way. By doing the groundwork, you can developing resilience and be centred even in stressful situations. You can become more creative, resourceful and innovative. You can communicate from a genuine place and have more energy and focus to do the important things.
When you work with the deeper layers, high performance can feel less like a battle and more like flow.
You can cultivate this by releasing stress and internal blocks (many of which we're not even consciously aware of), and creating supporting and empowering beliefs and ways of working.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified EFT practitioner (EFT Universe)
Certified Energy Psychology practitioner (EFT Universe)


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