Jackie Viramontez is a Certified Expert EFT Practitioner and Trainer, EFT Universe & Energy Psychology Mentor, Reiki Master, and Yogi. Warmly known for her heart-centered approach and peaceful presence, she empowers future practitioners to laugh at imperfections and embrace their deeper purpose.

She became passionate about the healing power of EFT and Energy Psychology at a young age when she embarked on a healing journey that transformed anxiousness, grief, and trauma into a commitment to share the most effective tools with those who need it most.

She enjoys tackling a variety of issues, but specializes in releasing:
- anxious energy
- uncertainty and doubt
- career procrastination
- limiting beliefs
- trust issues (single/dating/married)

Her Los Angeles based private practice helps clients transform the core beliefs and childhood traumas at the root.

Her first book, I Can’t Believe I Dated Him, hit Amazon’s #1 status nationally and internationally and teaches readers to reclaim the true purpose of seven misunderstood emotions. She is not afraid to dive deep and have fun on the messy and emotional journey called relationships. These insights have been featured on ENews, Fast Company, and Insider.

She encourages clients and practitioners to approach physical and emotional symptoms as invitations to heal more fully and live more freely, kicking in the butt perfectionism, people-pleasing, and self-doubt.

Along with assisting Dawson Church and Dale Teplitz in EFT Training Workshops, Jackie has traveled to India, China, and the corners of California to empower women in overcoming the effects of trauma and sexual abuse.

In her free time, she listens to nerdy podcasts, cooks vegan treats, and explores Los Angeles with her filmmaker husband, Jake.

"Thank you so incredibly much for making me feel so safe and comfortable and helping me do away with baggage I’ve carried for too long. No words can emphasize my gratitude!"


Limiting Beliefs
Adults with Childhood Trauma
Creatives & Entreprenuers

Experience and Qualifications

EFT Trainer & Mentor with EFTUniverse
Certified Expert EFT Practitioner
Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner
Energy Psychology Mentor
Certified Holy Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master
Bestselling Author of "I Can't Believe I Dated Him"


Working hours

Thursdays and Fridays 10 am-4:30pm Pacific Time


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