My intention for the 1:1 sessions with you is to intuitively hold a safe space for you to explore the root cause of your problem and go deeper so you can resolve them, find new insights, and tap into a state of safety and nervous system relaxation.

I love supporting people in finding their missions in life, talents, creating freedom lifestyles and conscious relationships, and following their goals in life no matter how crazy or tedious they seem to the outside world.

My journey led me to the emotional healing practice, an EFT (a fantastic tool for processing traumas), and working with different parts and their roles in the system.

Emotional trauma is not just trauma with a big T; sometimes, it can be challenging to pinpoint. It is not necessarily a one-time event but also a recurring event during our early life when we are most vulnerable. During the sessions, we will work with this subconscious programming that we carry into adulthood and no longer serves us. So you can change it and decide on the new programming based on your free will.

If you do not feel like talking about your issue, I understand that I am a stranger to you at this point; that is also fine; we will use so-called gentle techniques or bridge techniques where we can still work with your issue without you talking (or even thinking) about it.

I am looking forward to tapping with you.


What issues can I help you with:

- Stress, anxiety, social anxiety, dysregulated nervous system, and health challenges that come with it (for instance, hormonal or thyroid issues for women);
- Fears&Phobias;
- Mental&Emotional loops;
- Shame & Self-worth issues;
- Relationship anxiety;
- Abundance and Confidence blocks;
- Rejection and abandonment trauma;
- Social anxiety and low-confidence problems;
- Fear of putting yourself out there/ fear of being different;
- Managing emotions when going out of your comfort zone,
- Re-shaping the perception of 'normal';
- Learning to bring forth authentic self-expression and exploring the power of your voice;
- Re-connect with your creativity and inner artist;
- Changing the direction of your career, one step at a time;
- Starting your passion business;
- Breaking the cycles and clearing outdated conditioning that no longer serves you;
- Unconventional Lifestyle support;
- Exploring the creator in you and your talents, even if you have no idea what you are good at;
- Following (but also figuring out) your dreams and addressing the fears that come with it;
- Exploring your intuition and sensitivity as your strength

Experience and Qualifications

- EFT Universe Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner
- Ancestral Healing Experiential Workshop
- Metaphysical Anatomy level 2 Advanced Course
- The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening, A Six-Month Advanced Training to Intensify Presence and Live Your Highest Purpose


Working hours

Monday to Friday from 11.00 - 20.00


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Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Slovak