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Modern life is about solving problems, right?

Pipes clogged? Call a plumber. License expiring? Get it renewed. But what about when a problem is inside us? Like a fear of flying or a desire to overeat?

The common wisdom is to reason with ourselves, use logic to set ourselves straight. If that doesn’t work, we’re supposed to talk about the problem with others. But logic and talking often fail, because some of our problems simply run too deep. They’re not just mind problems, they’re mind-body problems. They’re heart-and-soul problems.

We’ve been needing a better tool. And friends, I’m excited to tell you…that tool is here!

EFT—or Emotional Freedom Technique—is a powerful, holistic new way to resolve inner problems and bring us the happier life we’ve been waiting for. It’s fast, it’s effective, and when done right, it feels like relief—like a cloud’s been lifted or a weight removed.

I’ve helped dozens of people overcome their challenges—many of which they’d been carrying for years—and I’d love to help you, too.

So come, tell me your problem. I can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you’re free of it!

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I've helped clients overcome a wide range of challenges. EFT can help with issues like:

Child of Alcoholic
Weight loss
Weight gain
Inner conflict
Prolonged sadness
Problem solving
Pollen sensitivities
Parenting stress
Health stress
Public speaking
Disturbing events
Sports performance
Professional performance
Circulation issues
Compulsive tendencies
Self-limiting beliefs
LGBTQ-related issues

Experience and Qualifications

Your practitioner will be JennMarie Diaz, founder of Sweet Relief wellness studio in Chicago. JennMarie is certified in Clinical EFT, having trained directly with leading researcher and educator Dawson Church, and holds both M.A. and B.A. in Communication from Tier-1 research institutions.

JennMarie also holds a trainer-level certification in qigong, the Taoist practice of healing via manipulation of the human energy system. She was trained and accredited in qigong by internationally renowned qigong grandmaster Chunyi Lin.


Working hours

I have a flexible schedule and if I'm online, I'm available!
Or, you can book a session with me at


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