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It is my joy to create a safe, compassionate space for people to not only release symptoms of stress and anxiety, but to transform them into avenues for deep healing, insight and personal growth.

At 15 I began a decades-long struggle with insomnia that I later realized was due to undiagnosed anxiety. After trying many things without success, I finally found EFT/Tapping and was able to dig beneath the symptoms to get to the root of my struggles. I was not only able to reclaim my sleep, but also step into a whole new way of being.

I now run a practice called "Discover the Missing PEACE," where I help clients move through the PEACE process:

P = PROCESS emotions deeply with tapping
E = EXAMINE issues from all sides
A = ACKNOWLEDGE disempowering beliefs
C = CONNECT the dots to the past
E = EVOLVE beliefs, habits, and patterns

I WELCOME the opportunity to help you not only dissolve your symptoms of stress, but actually harness them into catalysts for positive growth and change. I look forward to meeting you soon!


I specialize in digging beneath surface symptoms and connecting the dots to old traumas and limiting beliefs.

I primarily work with people on stress, anxiety, insomnia, and emotional eating, all of which are usually connected to disempowering beliefs often formed during childhood. I love helping people resource the wounded parts of themselves and evolving their belief systems, so stress symptoms dissolve and people emerge into a more empowered version of themselves.

Experience and Qualifications

I studied Psychology at Yale and graduated with a BA in 1990 and an MA in 1992.

After teaching for 20 years, I earned my EFT certification from EFT Universe in 2014 and Matrix Reimprinting Certification in 2015 and have been working with clients privately and in groups ever since.


Working hours

Will vary depending on private schedule


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