Do you find yourself in Transition from one phase of your life to the next – career, relationship, parenting (new child or empty nest) or even losing a person or pet that you love? Is Anxiety a constant companion that you just can’t seem to shake? I have a deep appreciation for both. I have used EFT in my own healing of panic disorder, physical pain, and empty nesting, which has left me with an empathy for people with similar challenges. I create a safe, compassionate space where we can gently address your issues at a pace that’s comfortable for you. I am a certified clinical EFT practitioner, a trained life coach, and hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Organizational Psychology. EFT provides the perfect balance of talking through issues, while simultaneously offering physical relief. Let me help you release what no longer serves you and move forward with the freedom to design the next meaningful chapter of your life. Together, let’s explore what makes your heart soar without the anchors that have been weighing you down.


Specializing in Adult Transitions (career, relationships, parenting, and loss) and Anxiety.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified Clinical EFT Practitoner
Life Coach
BS in Psychology
MS in Organizational Psychology


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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Languages Spoken

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