Kathleen Rafter is a certified EFT practitioner via EFT Universe and a certified Life Coach, via Marie Diamond.

She is an Inner Peace and Abundance Coach who will help you to:

- Discover your Soul's Purpose.

- Set intentions to help you fulfill that Purpose.

- Support you in dissolving the fears, blockages, attachments, and limitations that have
been holding you back.

- Assist you in developing a plan that will move you forward.

- Celebrate your wins!

Kathleen will work with you as a partner in helping you to create the change that you aspire to in life.

Your Soul is ready to move on to the life you were meant to live...

How long are you going to keep it waiting?


- Stress and Anxiety
- Family/Marriage/Relationships
- Pain Relief
- Allergies
- Adoption Issues
- Self-Image
- Spirituality
- Business Matters

Experience and Qualifications

- Certified EFT practitioner, via EFTUniverse
- Certified Life Coach, via Marie Diamond
- Enrolled in the PGI Seven-Figure Self-Image Course
- Enrolled in John Assaraf's 'Winning the Game of Business'
- Naturopathic Background
- Kriya Yogina


Working hours

Most Mondays-Saturdays: 10am-Noon and 3-5pm ET


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Languages Spoken

  • English