Do you feel
- Like your wearing a mask
- Exhausted - Emotionally & physically.
- Trapped
- You carry all the responsibility - are everything to everyone
- A sense of Isolation - no one understands
- Guilty if you arn't counting your blessings or living with gratitude
- An underlying sense of panic, fear or anxiety that just feels 'normal'
- Decisions are painful as you passionately wish to avoid the 'wrong' choice
- Like your not looking after yourself the way you care for others
- You may rationalize past painful experiences

Everyone finds a way to emotionally survive, but this may not be serving you now. I am passionate about creating and holding a safe space for you to begin your journey towards emotional freedom, empowering you with the tools to create lasting change and awaken your authentic self with a sense of safety and joy.


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Experience and Qualifications

Certified EFT Practitioner


Working hours

From 9.30 - 2.30pm - Monday- Friday AEST when available
Weekend and nights AEST will vary week to week


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