I am Kim Cobler, a life and energy coach whose true calling and passion is helping others with resilience and transformation.

My coaching and training methodologies integrate a broad range of skills and tools including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping), 25 years of business experience, my personal life experience, my education, a master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation and current pursuit of a Doctorate in Behavioral Health Management. This and my certification as a Canfield trainer in Canfield's success principles and my Energy Psychology Certification from EFT Universe gives me the expertise to lead clients in removing limiting beliefs and getting out of their own way.

When we choose to grow, we are all faced with hard things at one point or another. I love helping clients navigate their way through big transformations and developing a resilient mindset to overcome anything.

My purpose is to live life helping others move through challenging times, achieving their dreams, and transforming themselves to who they were always meant to be. I love bringing all my business experience together with my personal experiences, education, and innate gifts and talents using EFT and energy modalities to work with others in overcoming hard things and becoming the version of themselves they were always meant to be.

So, let’s get started today reclaiming courage, certainty, confidence and clarity to build the life and mission you are seeking.


Toxic Relationships
Goal Achievement
Adopted Child Issues

Experience and Qualifications

Kim has a master’s degree in healthcare innovation and is currently working on her Doctorate in Behavioral Health Management. She is a certified Canfield trainer and uses the Canfield success principles in her coaching, training, and more importantly, her everyday life. Kim is deeply spiritual and has a great love for all things divine.

She has spent much of her career in the software development industry, starting out many years ago as a software developer and eventually moving into quality assurance, project management, and various leadership and management roles. She enjoyed an amazing career in developing and launching new software products and services in the health care and technology industry. She has been a mentor and coach for many years in the business sector and is now a full time life coach.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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