I understand the challenges woman go through as society and family members may try to suppress even the most brilliant and talented girls and woman. I am so excited how EFT can help us break-through these self-destructive experiences and programming to become our true self.
I have worked with woman who have survived horrendous sexual and /or physical abuse by family members to become transformed with EFT into powerful and confident woman. I know what it takes to have happy and healthy relationships, but they must have a foundation of self-confidence and self-love. It is not possible to truly love another until you can truly love yourself.
One of my interests, given my Spiritual background, is to help people, as they heal their trauma, to open up to connect with their Divine Selves so they become a joy, not only to themselves, but to all around them. Life becomes so much more fulfilling when we are inspired and moved by love instead of operating from stress, fear, trauma and self-doubt.
I am also working on exploring ways to use EFT to heal ADD. ADD is not a curse - it is indicative of a creative mind. But people with ADD can accomplish so much more in their lives as they train their brain to focus.


Having been married for over 50 years and raised 4 children, I am excited to utilize my knowledge to support woman and children to claim their true strength and power. But to get there, we need to heal all the programming we received in school, at home, at work and in relationships. And all the trauma that has held us back! Fortunately, EFT is very effective at doing this.
I learned a lot from my first marriage as to what works and what actually sabotages relationships. Now, in my second marriage (33 years), life is so fulfilling and joyful. But to get there, I realized I had to heal any beliefs that I "wasn't good enough": I had to dive deep into my childhood and heal the trauma, fears and self-criticism I grew up with.
I discovered how we can use EFT, not only to heal the trauma, but to support our minds to grow into a new consciousness and awareness. We can love ourselves unconditionally!
Besides empowering woman, I am eager to work with children. Have taught elementary school and raised my 4 kids, I have a lot of compassion and insight for children. If we clear out the trauma kids have at a young age, they can have a much brighter future. They don't need to put up with bullying, putdowns or taunting. They can feel strong and express who they are!

Experience and Qualifications

In the late 1970's, I studied and taught Touch for Health (Applied Kinesiology) in Berkeley, California. I was so amazed and inspired how massaging acupuncture points could turn muscles on and off, heal organs, and shift how clients perceived themselves.
I moved to Santa Cruz in 1978 and became a Prayer Therapist and Leader/Teacher with the Teaching of the Inner Christ and the Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics where I taught meditation, channeling and healing classes from 1982 - 2004.
As I was raising my 4 kids, I taught at Montessori School in Aptos for 3 years, then, after my 4th child was born, I created an after-school art program.
In 1998, I became a Universal White Time Healer and in 2004, the Head Gemstone teacher of the Universal White Time Gemstone Healing. I have taught classes and trained teachers in the many modalities I have learned since 1982.
In 2011, my daughter introduced me to EFT. After clearing out my own trauma, I taught my husband how to heal his trauma from living with an alcoholic father. His transformation was so astounding.
Then in 2021, I just happened to tune into the EFT Summit and who should be presenting but Dawson Church. Dawson was a meditation student of mine in 1998-99 and I was so amazed to see how he had transformed from a very serious guy to someone so joyful! So I decided to dive deep and become a certified clinically-trained Practitioner.
Having been married to 2 different husbands, I learned from my first marriage what doesn't work and I am now happily married to my 2nd husband of 33 years. As he is former Triathlete and Marathon runner, I have had gotten to use EFT to clear out his physical pain. So fun!


Working hours

Most days from 11:30 to 2:30 PST


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