Relationships can cause the most pain in our life. When we go through a painful break up or divorce, we are often left numb, resented and with a lump in our chest. We can't let go of the memories and keep revisiting them in our mind causing ourselves even more pain. We close off and it is hard to trust the opposite sex because we don't want to be hurt again.

If we want to attract new love into our life and make sure that the history doesn't repeat itself, it is important to heal our heart and let go of the resentments. It might seem unrealistic now, but one day you will have nothing but gratitude in your heart for the relationship that cause you so much sorrow now. EFT is the best tool to transform pain into gratitude and an experience to learn from rather than dwell on.

Let me help you make that transformation and open your heart anew to the love and relationships that you deserve and been longing for.


Healing from divorce or break up, freedom from stress, spiritual counseling.

Experience and Qualifications

EFT Practitioner with EFT Universe (Taught by Dawson Church)
Facilitator of the Isha System Meditation Practice (Isha Foundation Educating for Peace)


Working hours

I have a flexible schedule and if I'm online I'm available. US Pacific Time.


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Languages Spoken

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  • Russian