Are you building a business or pursuing a new career and wish you had the clarity and courage move forward with more confidence and strength ? Are you an artist—professional or aspiring—who feels blocked and wants to share your gifts with the world? Are you struggling with dating or in your relationships and want to feel more empowered, worthy, and loved?

If so, I am very glad you found your way here. As an Empowerment and Breakthrough Coach, there is nothing I want more than to help you move past self-doubt and indecision and click into the motivation you need to effectively pursue your dreams. In individual sessions and group workshops, I combine clinical EFT with visioning exercises, meditation practices, journaling, and select tools of spiritual practice to help you create the life you desire.


* Entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and healing professionals who are pursuing new paths in their professional and personal lives.

* Individuals struggling with dating and relationship difficulties.

* Clients seeking a culturally aware container to gain relief from racial, cultural, and/or political fatigue.

* My aim is to create a culturally aware and nonjudgmental container for ALL to experience healing and eagerly support clients of diverse racial, cultural, religious, gender and sexual identities.

Experience and Qualifications

EFT-INT Practitioner Certified through EFT Universe. Mentored by Dawson Church. 15+ years of professional experience in both the arts and tech industries. Visit to learn more.


Working hours

M/T/Th/Fr 9:30am-1:30pm (Pacific)
Other hours available upon request.


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Languages Spoken

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