Whatever challenges you face in life, they are more easily dealt with if you remove the static of anxious, critical thoughts in your head, hidden memories of past traumas, irksome physical sensations that arise. EFT is an effective tool to use to rid yourself of this inner clutter. I know this for a fact, having seen it in myself and in my clients.

Being a long time student of Tai Chi, life energy is very real to me. It amazes me how getting your energy flowing freely allows for greater engagement in life. When old stale undigested energy is cleared, you have more of yourself available for living. It is my passion to assist in releasing the mental/emotional clutter, so that we can all joyously engage in creating the life we want.

My life had many twists and turns, from being a starving artist (actress) in my youth, to raising a family, to being a tech support specialist in a corporate environment, troubleshooting computer problems, to studying polarity and EFT. I know how to listen and hold space for healing. It took me decades to be able to relax into being myself. Now, with EFT, I can help others to get there much faster. Are you ready to start?


Stress, anxiety, dealing with change, finances, self image issues, blocks to attaining goals. and de-cluttering.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner
Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach


Working hours

EST Hours vary.. If I'm online, I'm available, and ready to hear you.


Elaine Mayrhofer 4 May in 17:25 Maria got to the issue quickly, ....but session too short to see if it would work

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