Melanie is a certified EFT practitioner and professional artist based in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. She is known for her caring, authentic, and gentle approach to releasing long held stresses, emotions and beliefs. When you work with Melanie, you will feel her enthusiasm and dedication to her clients achieving their personal goals and feeling the peace, passion and aliveness they crave. While passionate about approaching a large variety of issues with EFT, she specializes in confidence, self esteem, anxiety, blocks to self expression and creative expression, performance fears, and shame. Melanie works with clients world wide though zoom. To book a session or free 20 minute consultation please see

What clients are saying about Melanie....

“I knew a little bit about ‘tapping’ when I started my sessions with Melanie. I was curious to experience this modality of working. As a therapist, I’m always looking at ways in which to harvest emotions and work with them. I was surprised at how quickly we got to the heart of what was upsetting me. It was like zooming in on the core of distress, revealing to me how I was (and this is true of course!) carrying this pain from the past that no longer applied to today. Mel was so loving and gentle, and at the same time, did not shy away from leading me to the difficult place. Some people are gifted healers, whether by nature or by their own healing process. I think Mel is both. ”
— Megan Murphy, MA, LMHC, NCC, PLLC Licensed Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor


Confidence, Self esteem, Anxiety, Blocks to Self Expression and Creative Expression, Performance fears, and shame

Experience and Qualifications

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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