I want to help everyone to find their Inner Peace and Happiness during these difficult times in their lives as it has been my calling. Over the years I have worked with people in all areas with my therapist tools including EFT, mindfulness, mediation and many new healing techniques I discover and bring into my therapy. I craft my therapy to the person's needs and help them find their way through difficult problems and situations to find their Inner Peace and Happiness.

​What is Holding You Back in Life?

Do you find yourself thinking...
- There is so much Chaos in the world now
- Will Covid take over the world?
- I feel like I’m missing out on life
- Will I ever be happy?
- I am tired of feeling overwhelmed
- Will I ever get well?
- I need help but I don’t know who to turn to
- Is there something wrong with me?
- I’ve tried everything and I’m still ill
- Will I always feel alone and afraid?

Do you wish you could ...
- Find your Inner Peace and share it with everyone
- Feel more calm, focused and energetic
- Find the road to wellness with a clearly defined path
- Improve your health so you can do the things you love
- Find relief from symptoms, emotional episodes, old patterns and habits
- Enjoy your family and friends and engage with life
- See a life free of illness and with purpose
- Create clarity of your unique gifts and offerings to the world
- Fulfill your dreams about your career, life, love and happiness

This is how I can help you!

I become an EFT therapists when my children became ill with an autoimmune disorder and mental health issues and I started researching everything I could on natural, holistic and alternative medicines as well as mental health to help my family. It became a passion – a passion of helping people everywhere around me.

Over the years I have pulled in many areas of healing energy to share with everyone. It has become my passion to help everyone find your Inner Peace and Happiness and spread it around to your loved ones.


What is Holding You Back in Life?
These are areas I can help you with.
Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Phobias and Fears
Anger and Frustration
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Physical Pain
Eating Disorders, Food Cravings
Trauma/ PTSD
Fear of Public Speaking
Grief or Loss
Weight Loss
Lack of Confidence
Relationship Issues

Experience and Qualifications

I did my training in the UK in 2016 with EFT Master Trainer Tania A. Prince.
I am a member of EFT International and an accredited EFT International practitioner.
I have a Diploma in Psychology
I have worked with Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP, Hypnosis and many other healing energies and continue learning more.


Working hours

Every day 9 am to 7 pm CET time


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