You are a piece of the puzzle, you have a gift for this world. We all will be better when you use your gift.

Our fears, previous experiences and stories that we hear from others as children, often make us live our life out of fear. What would you do if the fear was processed or you had a way to work through it? How would you live? Would you settle?

EFT is a very effective tool to work through your fears and limiting beliefs. These fears and limiting beliefs were programmed into our unconscious mind very early on, usually before 7 years old, we were children and made interpretation of the world to survive. These fears have a hold on us now, even if consciously we know that they are not serving us.

EFT lets us work with the subconscious mind and change the programming regarding old beliefs. The power that you are at your fingertips is magical.

I believe that we all have hidden resources and talents inside of ourselves that fear is holding back, let EFT open the gate to your full potential.

EFT will pave the way for you to accept and love yourself the way you are.
Once we learn to love and appreciate ourselves, it is a whole different world out there.

You will treat yourself and others in a different way. Ultimately, our world will become a better place once we learn a way to work with negative emotions and find an outlet for them, other than conflict and intolerance

It is a beautiful tool, easy to learn and so powerful, please use it to your advantage.

Albert Einstein said that the most important question that you can ask is:
Is this a friendly Universe?
If your answer is no, you can probably give me many examples from your life to prove that you are right. But what if these examples are there because what you believe? What if you can change these believes and your life experiences follow? I am inviting you to try tapping to work with these beliefs and see what follows.

Many Blessings on your Journey!



It is my pleasure to work with you through EFT to find solutions to whatever is on your way to life of your dreams. Try it on anything is my motto. No problem is too big or too small.

Here are few topics that seem to come my way more than others:

I find EFT very powerful when working with physical discomforts and pains.

My background as accountant has lead me to lead tapping classes for entrepreneurs who are starting a business or are dreaming of having one or are struggling with the current business. Changing the limiting beliefs about $$$ is very effective through EFT.

Dynamic of relationships in your live is based on your beliefs about people and what you have learned growing up. If we change these beliefs, your relationships will change as well.

I used to have a fear of public speaking and literally one session with my coach has freed me from this problem. The day after the session I went from speaking to 7 people to 100. I am leading tapping circles in my hometown and enjoying them immensely.

Wellness and weight loss is another area that EFT shines. Anxiety is often hiding behind overeating and once we work with the real cause of overeating, there is no reason for you to overeat anymore.

I do tapping circles with children and teenagers, it is very effective with children and what an amazing tool to give them right from the start.

Experience and Qualifications

I am EFT intermediate practitioner with EFT Universe

I am a graduate from 2-year Shamanism ( Medicine Work) Training Program given by 8th Fire.

I have trained and worked as CPA, Chartered Accountant


Working hours

I have a flexible schedule. When I am online, I am available.


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