I've been helping people as a massage therapist since 1990 deal with stress, and I've seen the negative effects of stress on healing. I came to EFT to help people on a deeper level and in a more permanent way, to not just feel better but BE better. EFT is permanent change, not just a stop gap measure to feel better in the moment or for a few days. The stress you release with EFT is gone. Stress shows up differently for everyone and can include digestive issues, problems with sleep, muscle aches, unfocused thinking, and much more. Some of these stress patterns we developed very young and they have influenced our feelings about "who we are." These are more likely "who we've come to believe we are." I say that EFT is releasing the past in the present to reclaim your future. Who do you want to be? What is the healthy, robust, vital future you are striving towards? How can I help you just for today?


Stress relief, especially as it relates to chronic conditions or big health diagnoses. But stress comes in many forms. From physical symptoms to overwhelm. Like being unable to get to the dentist. Are you living the life you want, are you being the person you believe you can be? Is your life full of joy and vitality? Are you trying to make changes but keep making the same old choices and ending up where you started? Hidden stress may be blocking you from the progress you would like to see. The subconscious is always talking to you, and trying to help you by bringing up stress to release, but we don't know it's language! And the longer we carry the stress around the more it affects our health, our choices, habits and life.

Experience and Qualifications

Licensed Massage Therapist since 1990
Certified EFT Practitioner 2016
Certified HeartMath Practitioner for Stress, Anxiety and Self Regulation


Working hours

Every day is different, so my schedule here is a bit erratic. I am on the West Coast of the US, so I'm in PDT (or PST)


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