Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richelle Oyebade and it would be a pleasure to meet you. I live here in sunny Queensland, Australia. My life experiences have taught me that we are always learning. Working in the arena of Energy Psychology is exciting and fascinating. The ability to improve ones relationship to oneself is a beautiful gift. As an Energy Psychology Practitioner I have the privilege of assisting others in their quest to improve their own relationship with their early and present life. To redefine their experiences and free themselves from the hurts of the past.
How It Works. The way to simply and easily change is to understand the subconscious mind and the energy body. Just as the subconscious is larger and more powerful than the conscious mind, so the energy body, though invisible to most, is the driving force behind our physical body.
Focused sessions identify what your limiting beliefs are and then change them to positive healthy solutions. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - often referred to as tapping), for most people it's very quick and the results last. Most experience a significant reduction of stress in the first session.
Tailored for You. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are conducted using Zoom via your computer or smart phone. All that is needed is a good internet/WiFi connection. Scheduling is most easily done by contacting me on this website or through email - . I look forward to helping you!


Children's Issues
General EFT Practitioner
Stress and Anxiety
Trauma (accident)

Experience and Qualifications

My qualifications include a Masters of Educational Studies – Guidance/Counselling, and Energy Psychology Practitioner Certification (known as EPC). I have known about and used EFT personally for many years - on my own and with practitioners. I studied and qualified in recent years so I can help others with this wonderful practice. I have decades of teaching in primary and special schools - in recent years as a relief teacher. A knowledge of EFT has been very helpful for me in the classrooms - not using it directly, but it is there for help with being with different classes all the time.


Working hours

Every day 4pm to 9pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
- when online.


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