Early on I experienced through my grandmother, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, that the solution for healing was not to be found in traditional western medicine.

Looking back on my own struggles and “fitting” into society that barely left room for the unruly and the wild, I carved out my survival by the discovery of alternative healing techniques and spiritual teachings. My first teacher taught me Transcendental Meditation, Hatha Yoga followed. I studied Bach-bloesem Therapie, Sound Healing, Cell Salts, and other intuitive energy work. Three years ago I finished my certification as a Certified Qigong Healer trained by Robert Peng who learned from his Master Xiao Yao, a legendary monk with remarkable healing gifts.

In search to find something to help my lower back pain last year I stumbled across the EFT Manual. I immediately started using it on myself and like an onion, layer by layer started to peel off and lead me closer to my inner confidence and power. I decided right then to start the training to become an EFT practitioner and to help others on their way with this magnificent healing modality.

EFT is a powerful tool also using the Meridian System and Acupuncture in a gentle way without the needles.

My love for animals led me to use EFT (surrogate tapping) with pets to solve training struggles, performance stress with sport dogs, simple car sickness or issues with other pets in the family. I combine it often with Qigong Healing which has proven to be a great complimentary addition.

As a visual artist, my second work, my intention is to show beauty and evoke self reflection, as a reminder of the uniqueness of each single spirit brushing against my work. The step from my art to healing was smooth and not far fetched. Self development and mindful practices are the fundamental basis of my life.

My work as a Energy Practitioner is to guide and support humans and pets energy within their own unique life circumstances.


Certified EFT Practitioner
Certified Qigong Healer trained by Robert Peng

• Writers Block • Procrastination • Performance Stress • Stress & Anxiety • Pets

You are experiencing Writer's Block and don't know how to start a project and start slipping into procrastination while the deadline is approaching? As an artist myself I know how frustrating it can be to feel overwhelmed by expectation and pressure. EFT is an excellent way to overcome those struggles and regain confidence and tap into your own creative potential.

As a lover of animals I also happily offer EFT for your pet. Through surrogate tapping you will find the words, get out of your own way, and tune into the experience of the animal. Through our tapping sessions common themes emerge such as: early separation from the litter; fear of being returned to a rescue; confusion about what is required of them or performance stress if they are a sport dog, being parted from an owner or sale of an animal or human companion. It is humbling how quickly an animal can come to neutralizing their issues.

Let's chat! Anything you want to ask and learn how we can potentially working together. I offer meetings online via Zoom (optional by FaceTime or by phone). Book me through the Tapping Place or you can schedule a 15-minute consultation with me at

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Certified EFT Practitioner
Certified Qigong Healer trained by Robert Peng

• Writers Block • Procrastination • Performance Stress • Stress & Anxiety • Surrogate Tapping for Pets


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