Have we ever felt the world going through a rebirth more than now?
Miraculous... but SCARY, UNSETTLING, UNKNOWN as well. What about my future, my finances, my relationships?? EFT IS THE TOOL OF THE HOUR. Walk away from a session with an emotional shift, a spiritual shift, a motivational shift. Let's upgrade in these powerful times with the miraculous tool of EFT


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Experience and Qualifications

BA, BSc Biology and Psychology
EFT Expert 2 level
NLP, Matrix Re-imprinting, 'Ask&Receive' specialization
Founder of LSS- LightStorySystem:
(a blend of science & the wisdom of Kabbalistic thought distilled into grounded and simple coaching tools)
International lecturer:- 'Feminine Light: the kabbalah of Feminine Wisdom"


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


Ashley 10 April in 15:44 Hi Sara. This is Charlotte. Haven't been able to practice with everyone. Problems??? Let me know if you have received this message please.

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