Certified as an Energy Psychology Coach and EFT Practitioner, I have been integrating these remarkable methods in my Intuitive Energy Healing and Personal Empowerment Coaching work. In my more than 15 years helping people get to and resolve the root causes of their most pressing issues I have seen and heard a lot!

My skill as a Clinical EFT practitioner guiding you in your Tapping process is paramount to your success. In addition and if needed, I have the ability to bring in Intuitive Guidance and use muscle testing (Kinesiology) remotely to identify any hidden psychological ‘blocks’ and unresolved traumatic memories so we can use EFT in the most effective way to provide immediate results.

Feel free to discuss any issue, share any thought, and safely feel any emotion in our work together. I am here for you. You may be surprised at how easily suppressed emotions arise for tapping. I am honored to hold space for their expression and release, and for your personal healing journey.


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