I have been integrating these remarkable Energy Psychology methods in my Healing and Empowerment Coaching work with astounding results for nearly 20 years.

Feel free to discuss any issue, share any thought, and safely feel any emotion in our work together. I am here for you. Having helped so many people get to and resolve the root causes of their most pressing issues, I have seen and heard a lot!

You may be surprised at how easily suppressed emotions arise for tapping. I am honored to hold space for their expression and release, and for your personal healing journey.

My skill as an Expert Clinical EFT practitioner guiding you in your Tapping process is paramount to your success. However the chemistry that is created in our working relationship is also paramount. It's important that you are ready for change and open to new methods in order for the Clinical EFT processes to work most effectively for you.

While I am a highly skilled listener, proper EFT methodology does not require the ongoing story telling that many people are used to doing. Therefore you can expect me to question you carefully about your emotions. I might even stop you in mid sentence to clarify something you said. This helps us establish an effective tapping process. Unlike traditional forms of therapy, a good EFT focuses on getting real results every session. We work together to find disturbing stories to tap on and check for immediate sense of positive shifts.

In order to accelerate progress, some circumstances will benefit from my skill and experience tapping into the wisdom of Intuitive Guidance and to also use muscle testing (remote Kinesiology) to identify the nature of hidden psychological ‘blocks’.

I lovingly offer these specialized techniques to create additional benefits of shifting energy to empower positive affirmations that would otherwise not be easily possible to achieve. Once all parts of the conscious and subconscious align with your true desires miracles can occur!


As an Expert Level Clinical EFT Practitioner and Tapping Coach, Steven primarily specializes in healing of deeply held psychological trauma and emotional wounds that may in any way be causing any form of Post Traumatic Stress difficulty or pathology.

Steven specifically specializes in working with women who are challenged by the stress of dealing with a Breast Cancer diagnosis. The work is instrumental to gain relief from the difficulties of managing daily life activities as well as medical treatments, and the psychological and emotional factors that need to be addressed to help assure positive outcomes.

With ongoing coaching help, Steven's work ideally helps to address and resolve any pattern of difficult life events and specific pre-diagnosis traumatic events that may in fact be the original cause of immune system suppression from unresolved psycho-emotional stress. As such, this work is considered to be a most effective form of Psycho-Oncology.

Steven also specializes in helping people suffering with relationship difficulties, past and present. These may be romantic, family, and social/work related. With EFT and energy work, wounds heal and relationships shift in remarkable positive ways.

Very often people struggle with present day issues that relate back to early childhood and adolescent development experiences where parents, teachers, and friends were not supportive. This is yet another form of trauma work that is directly solvable with thorough and effective EFT tapping, no matter the issue or how deep the trauma.

As a personal performance coach Steven helps those seeking a higher level of functioning to be more 'In The Zone' while performing in their chosen avocations, which also serves as a metaphor for all of life's experiences. Steven is a specialist in alpine skiing and golf performance, however these techniques and processes are applicable to any activity, including business success and all forms of creative endeavor.

Experience and Qualifications

Steven is a EFT Universe Certified EFT Expert and Energy Psychology Practitioner with nearly 20 years experience in these and other energy healing modalities.

He offers simple yet profoundly effective tools and solutions that work to resolve traumatic stress at its core level. Clients and students are empowered to transform the most important aspects of their lives for the better, with obvious results.

Steven's healing work integrates a variety of techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Energy Balancing, and most specifically, Energy Psychology Coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping). His clients often report feelings of tremendous relief almost immediately after their first session.

In addition to Clinical EFT, Steven's intuitive work often leads to important insights about resolving difficult life circumstances. Using intuitive energy psychology methods, even subconscious blocks to healing, happiness, and success can be identified and most often easily and simply resolved energetically. Disturbances from Core Level (root cause) events can be more specifically revealed and resolved, and new potential for healing on many levels can be expected.

Steven's path as an Intuitive Healer evolved from his own personal journey of Spiritual Discovery. Once he understand that healing was his true calling, Steven trained extensively with world renowned healers, medical intuitives, spiritual teachers, and natural healing practitioners.

Steven is also a passionate teacher and speaker and is most noted for his energy and enthusiasm for helping people realize their own personal abilities to perform at peak performance states. He offers Body/Mind Empowerment workshops to Downhill Skiers and Golf Enthusiasts, performing artists, and via continuing education programs.

He is also a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), and a Certified Level III Professional Ski Instructor with more than 35 years of experience.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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