Hello, I'm Sue Anne and I'm known for empowering my soul clients to arrive at their place of Grace. I love working with committed clients who are typically feeling stuck, stressed and anxious. I help them to facilitate connections to self by detoxifying looping negative patterns, limiting beliefs and anxiety disorders. I am committed to keeping you safe and holding the sacred space as you reconnect to the breath and build a new relationship with your Higher Self, body and sub conscious mind. If you have an intention to be well and ease suffering in your life, to take responsibility for your choices and transform your thinking in a way that powerfully influences your well-being, then I believe we can work together to create change, ease and resilience.

The gentle Energy techniques give you the opportunity to resolve the hurtful events in your past. If you have 'shut down' your emotional self, you are also negatively affecting your nervous system, immune system and blocking your energy flow or' Chi.' This pattern of emotional repression, which is a survival strategy, can cause of illness, fatigue, overwhelm and possibly pain in the future.

EFT provides unique techniques for personal integration and healing while teaching you a simple set of strategies to increase your physical and mental health. Now is the best time to take a fresh look from a new perspective. Imagine changing the lens in your inner glasses, shifting the focus of your attention and experiencing the thrill of viewing your world from a different stance. You are indeed living in a quantum space of endless possibilities. Our constant struggle in a world of change & tension is to restore balance & build a sense of internal ease.

Commit to your inner state of peace and resourcefulness. Learn this profound self-help technique with me, feel it will lower your cortisol, anxiety and fear. Is it your desire to Tap together so we can achieve the best possible outcomes for you to live a happier, calmer life?


Working with clients who feel 'stuck,' trapped in their minds or past unresolved situations and are easily triggered without warning.
* Fear of visiting the dentist, doctor or the hospital.
* Fear of having visitors or other people in the house.
* Fear and anxiety of family or social gatherings.
* Fear of Change.
* Fear of Technology.
* Phobia of moths and spiders.
* Anxiety driving, starting a new job or meeting new people.
* Anxiety of being alone in an empty house.
* Anxiety associated with leaning new skills.
* Test and examination anxiety.
* Anxiety associated with 'Not Enough Sleep.'
* Anxiety and helplessness with money management.
* Anxiety associated with Conflict and having those difficult conversations.
* Anxiety associated with having controversial opinions.
* Feeling 'Not Good Enough,' and resolving those hurtful memories that cause self-sabotage.
* Feeling ' I Am Not Worthy' and guilty about past decisions and events.
* Feeling disconnected from yourself and others.
* Feeling trapped with an escalating heart rate.
* Feeling stressed about workload and demands.
* Feeling powerless to help or support a loved one.
* Feeling 'Stuck' and unable to express your opinion or ideas.
* Feeling 'Shutdown' and isolated in your body.
* Following the pain in your body and releasing the trapped, constricted energy.
* Easing Stress knots in your body or stomach.
* Easing the Pain associated with inflammation.
* Dissolving the intensity of Pain of headache.
* Gently working with triggering situations to ease the stress.
* Ease the trigger feelings of stress associated with family.
* Releasing the intensity associated with flashbacks.
* Understanding the symptoms of childhood trauma.
* Supporting clients who have mentally ill or complex needs children.
* Working with carers and those experiencing fatigue or 'burn-out.'
* Easing the stress and anxiety of parenting.
* Releasing phobias and fears around flying, public speaking and attending job interviews.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified EFT Intermediate Practitioner 1
EFT Level 1 and 2.
Certified Master NLP Coach & Practitioner ABNLP
Certified Master Hypnotist ABH
Certified Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy
Certified Matrix Re Imprinting Practitioner.
Dip of Ed., Grad Dip R.E., Bach of Ed., Bach of Arts.

I work with individual clients who are suffering from the distressing state of feeling 'stuck' and powerless to change their current situation. Most of my clients are parents with children. Tapping is used with both children and parents to eliminate the charge around issues associated with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurial Mums who have made the decision to upgrade their qualifications or start a homebased business to either support their families or supplement the family income. These women have discovered that the easy technique of Tapping has allowed them to be clear headed and better manage the stress of juggling the demands of family, study and business. EFT has been a helpful tool in setting goals and turning up their energy and vitality!

Many of my clients suffer Gastro Intestinal Tract discomfort and health challenges associated with compromised immune systems. Stress impacts the body. EFT is a complimentary protocol that addresses many of the symptoms of discomfort in the body and mind It gives the body permission to regulate into a relaxed state. This relaxed state promotes a healthy immune system and cell rejuvenation. EFT sends a clear 'green light' message to your digestive system to switch on & prepare for break down and absorption of food.

I am passionate to assist my clients to reconnect to their own healing potential by accessing their breath and calm the nervous system with EFT touch. This is a beautiful way to use your body's innate intelligence to recreate emotional alignment and re-establish a state of well-being.


Working hours

9:00 to 15:00 Tues, Wed and Thursday.


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