I’ve been trained in a number of healing modalities. I’m a facilitator of
a modality called Access Consciousness. Access facilitates healing on all levels. I’ve been doing this work over 20 years. I currently do an Access energy process on clients at a drug & alcohol rehab center. I’ve created a program using Access tools to clear symptoms of PTSD. In addition to being a certified EFT practitioner, I’ve been trained in an advanced type of tapping called Hacking Reality. I can add some Hacking Reality techniques to a basic EFT session to take a client back to a Younger Self or Past Life scene, where a trauma originated. We clear it there and then re-imprint a picture of what the client would like her present life to be like. This can produce some amazing results! To find out about the Access work I do, go to . I have experienced a lot of trauma and sexual abuse in my life, so I can empathize with others who have also done so.


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