Tina Hodgson, a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and owner of Tap to Thrive, has been guiding clients with her warm, attentive and gentle demeanor since 2018.

Using this simple but powerful energy modality she guides individuals and groups through the process of radical self acceptance, emotional release and mind-body rebalancing, and has been a 'Wellness Wednesday' contributor for Mindful Nurses.

Tina earned a Bachelor's degree in Nursing in 2002 from the University of New Brunswick, Canada and worked in multiple Emergency Rooms across the US for 17 years. Having always had a desire to help and support others she shifted her focus to 1 on 1 collaborations that are unrushed, gentle, compassionate and deeply human.

After embarking on her own healing journey with C-PTSD from childhood domestic violence and sexual abuse using EFT, Tina feels blessed to guide and witness others through their own ah-ha moments, witnessing her clients coming home to their own hearts and learning how to live a loving aligned life for themselves.

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Procrastination/Goal Setting
Inner Critic
Self Worth/Love
Limiting Beliefs
Abuse & Emotional Neglect

Experience and Qualifications

2022 Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner - EFT Universe
2021 Tapping Out of Trauma 1.0 - EFT Tapping Training Institute
2021 Authentic Relating Training Level 1 & 2 - Rick Smith
2019 Treating Trauma Master Series - NICABM
2019 Resilience & Post-Traumatic Growth Workshop - Linda Graham
2018 Trauma & Somatic Experiencing Workshop - Peter Levine
2018 EFT Practitioner Training - The Sophia School of Living Arts


Working hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
9am - 4pm MST


Trista 2 February in 02:00 Tina is so good at what she does! I was not expecting to go this deep with her but she really helped me to bring some things to the surface that needed some extra love and attention. Highly recommend her!!
Sandra Jamer 14 January in 21:37 Tina is caring, careful and compassionate. In different sessions we've tapped not only on physical issues and pain (headaches, wrist pain, stomach pain) but also childhood trauma. I now know I'm worthy of love, I'm lovable and I like myself!
Leah Marie 14 January in 03:15 Always amazed by what EFT can do, I was feeling stressed and a heavy feeling but feeling much lighter now, Tina always helps me feel better.

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