Hi, I'm Toni and in my former life I was an international flight attendant for 20 years and absolutely loved customer service and meeting people from all walks of life from all around the globe. It didn’t take long for me to realise that it was the middle of the night conversations in the aircraft galley where I began to shine. Passengers and crew alike would pour their hearts out to me and I realised that I could empathise with most situations because I have had a lot of traumatic experiences in my life, as well as wonderful ones. I had always considered my past traumas as a negative aspect of my life, however I now realise that they are actually my Superpower for my own life and helping my clients to heal.

I was initially introduced to EFT to help with my anxiety and quite honestly it blew my mind, that such a simple modality could make my day to day life so much more bearable. I started researching more about it and here I am today, a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner making a difference in the world, one wonderful client at a time.


I’m passionate about helping women and children with:-

Limiting and Core Beliefs
Coaching EFT skills for Personal Use

Experience and Qualifications

Clinical EFT Practitioner Certification
Tapping Out of Trauma 1.0 Certificate of Completion
The Expert Toolbox Certificate of Completion

I'm a member of:-

Evidence Based EFT
EFT Universe


Working hours

Monday to Friday 10am -2.30pm


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Languages Spoken

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