I helping women, who were raised in a rule-following church (I specialize in "recovering Catholics") who struggle with guilt, shame, low self esteem, how to remove the hidden blocks keeping them from enjoying God's plan of sheer goodness for them. Lots of my clients also have a history of past sexual abuse and I work with them to create healthy relationships with themselves, their spouse, their God.


I specialize in women raised in the Catholic Church, though other clients raised in "rule-following" churches have gained benefit from our work together. I also work a lot with sexual abuse survivors. As a sexual abuse survivor myself, (incest and date rape), I am familiar with how to strengthen marriages affected by past trauma.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified EFT Practitioner through EFT Universe
Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach through wealth expert Margaret M. Lynch
Certified Master Coach through Margaret Lynch


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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