​35 years ago I took a course in Homeopathy with Dr. Francisco Eizayaga from Argentina, who was considered the #1 homeopath in the Western Hemisphere. Dr. Eizayaga, after practicing medicine for more than 40 years, stated that 100% of all chronic diseases have emotional causes. He also stated that once he put his patients on a diet for 6 months without treating them half of their symptoms would disappear. These statements prompted my interest in studying emotions, psychology, diets and health, and how they influence each other.
Since early 80's, I have also been studying spirituality and it’s relation to health and healing. From this study I have also learnt that all diseases start in the mind. That reinforced my interest in Emotional Freedom Technique and the psychology of disease.
Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique are great tools for weight management by identifying and releasing the emotional causes of weight gain. Together we can work on achieving your optimal health with the changes in lifestyle and diet.
In the beginning of each session we do 3 short exercises to relax and anchor you in some positive memories/experiences to bring the heart and the brain in coherence. We then connect both of us to the Hi C (for High Consciousness) in whatever shape or form you imagine Her or Him. The goal is to make you feel completely safe, maybe for the first time in your life. We then proceed to the issue(s) you want to address in the session. It is well known fact in Psychology that our subconscious is formed by the age of 7 and from then on we only replay its contents. To really help you it is important to identify the related childhood event(s) to get to the root of the your issue.


I specialize in trauma/abuse/PTSD, and since I am a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator I also specialize in weight management.

Experience and Qualifications

I am an Accredited Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner, and Certified Hippocrates Health Educator. I have been studying health and healing for the last 35 years. My passion and gift is to help others experience lasting relief from their past emotional traumas so that they may realize their fullest potential in the present moment.​


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Everyday from 9 AM to 7 PM EST


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