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  • Jennifer
    Jennifer--- Offline
    Lose Weight / Eliminate Cravings / Control Your Eating Habits!

    I will help you Look & Feel Amazing!
  • Tessa Dowell
    Tessa Dowell--- Offline
    Connect to your deeper wisdom and release all that is holding you back from your greatest joy!
  • Diana Stephens, MS
    Diana Stephens, MS--- Offline
    Send calm signals with EFT Tapping and reveal core beliefs to release negative emotions.
  • Kelly Devine
    Kelly Devine--- Offline
    If you’ve ever wanted to experience more love in your relationships, let go of the past, grow your career, boost your health, change your habits, process grief, anger and other emotions, manage stress, study with more focus and achieve your goals, EFT can support you on your path to success.

    I have used EFT personally to process childhood events, reduce and completely remove cravings, manage pain, improve my finances and develop healthier self-esteem and confidence!

    You may like to learn EFT for yourself or so that you can share it with your children, family and friends.
  • Dawson Church
    Dawson Church--- Offline
    You can find find quick relief from anxiety, depression, ptsd & so much else with tapping. Tap now!
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