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  • Juanita Ecker
    Juanita Ecker--- Offline
    I can work with you no matter where you live. The EFT sessions are done on the phone or with Skype.
  • Tony Roebuck
    Tony Roebuck--- Offline
    Tony is a New Thought minister, Tapping into Wealth Coach and a Clinical EFT Practitioner
  • Maria Barrett
    Maria Barrett--- Offline
    Let's remove any blocks to being peacefully, enthusiastically yourself! Tap with me now.
  • Sienna Winters
    Sienna Winters--- Offline
    Clinical Psychologist and EFT practitioner supporting clients to self-empowerment
  • Lauren Cooper
    Lauren Cooper--- Offline
    I align with clients to deliver empowered EFT sessions to create significant change in life/business
  • Hugo Menard
    Hugo Menard--- Offline
    I help stressed leaders become more resilient and centred despite the chaos going on around them.
    I have been interested in how to become better at things since primary school where despite trying very hard I still struggled. In studying how we learn best, I have come to believe that mastering ourselves and doing work on ourselves is where the gems lie, and EFT does this with elegance. I enjoy discovering the layers to the problems we are facing to get to the root of it and experience the transformation that is possible and the resilience that is cultivated over time.
    I work with clients worldwide over video conference, as well as having a home office in Melbourne Australia.
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