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    ANTHONY PARKER--- Offline
    EFT Practitioner since 1997, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Reflexologist.
  • Ksenia Alexander
    Ksenia Alexander--- Offline
    Heal the pain from break up or divorce and open your heart to attracting new love into your life.
  • Sarah Arabian
    Sarah Arabian--- Offline
    Eliminate stress, release stuck energy and feel radiantly free to move forward with clarity.
  • Vicki Dau
    Vicki Dau--- Offline
    I help recovering Catholics who struggle with guilt/shame have improved relationships with self/God
  • Juanita Ecker
    Juanita Ecker--- Offline
    I can work with you no matter where you live. The EFT sessions are done on the phone or with Skype.
  • Angie Mifsud
    Angie Mifsud--- Offline
    I specialise in helping women find their true power and take charge of all areas of their lives.
  • Lynne Redan
    Lynne Redan--- Offline
    I help clients reverse the impact of negative events and ongoing stress to achieve real health.
  • Dr. Alisa
    Dr. Alisa--- Offline
    Tap with me now to overcome anxiety and negative thinking. Let's get you out of this funk!
  • Rebecca Thompson
    Rebecca Thompson--- Offline
    Are you overwhelmed and want to gain some clarity in your current situation? Let's start tapping!
  • Azita Wortmann R.P.
    Azita Wortmann R.P.--- Offline
    I am passionate about helping individuals who struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, grief and PTSD.
  • Sara T Best
    Sara T Best--- Offline
    Women 40plus: Feel like you've hit a Wall with your Spouse? your Kids? your Self? I can help you.
  • Kelly Devine
    Kelly Devine--- Offline
    If you’ve ever wanted to experience more love in your relationships, let go of the past, grow your career, boost your health, change your habits, process grief, anger and other emotions, manage stress, study with more focus and achieve your goals, EFT can support you on your path to success.

    I have used EFT personally to process childhood events, reduce and completely remove cravings, manage pain, improve my finances and develop healthier self-esteem and confidence!

    You may like to learn EFT for yourself or so that you can share it with your children, family and friends.
  • Naomi Janzen
    Naomi Janzen--- Offline
    Expert EFT Practitioner and Trainer based in Australia
  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson--- Offline
    Clear stubborn blocks to your goals & master Mind, Body, Energy & Spiritual Connection with support!
  • Nicole Ivens
    Nicole Ivens--- Offline
    I am here to help you feel a sense of calm and emotional wellbeing, Let's Tap!
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