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  • Marian Buck-Murray
    Marian Buck-Murray--- Offline
    Helping sensitive, empathic people boost courage, confidence and success.
  • Jemma Voisin
    Jemma Voisin--- Offline
    I love helping people facilitate change in their lives thorough using EFT. It delights me to see a client completely change the way they see an issue after using EFT.
    I also encourage clients to use simple yet effective meditation techniques to balance their nervous systems and help them feel good throughout their day .
    Holistic health and healing has been my passion for the last 25 years. Previous to being trained in EFT I practiced massage, Reflexology and Reiki.
  • Andrea Lewis
    Andrea Lewis--- Offline
    Guiding Caregivers away from worry and stress to be emotionally transformed to care for loved one.
  • Dr. Damon Silas
    Dr. Damon Silas--- Offline
    I discovered EFT after working with the military & seeing a lot of PTSD. What an incredible tool!
  • JennMarie Diaz
    JennMarie Diaz--- Offline
    So you've got some stuff you're dealing with, huh? Let's tap and get you some relief! :-)
  • Sue Anne Fuller
    Sue Anne Fuller--- Offline
    I help you reconnect to self by releasing triggers and looping patterns of fear, anxiety + phobias.
  • Jenny Johnston
    Jenny Johnston--- Offline
    Let me help you step into your purpose by releasing negative beliefs at their origins. Tap now.
  • Deb Keillah
    Deb Keillah--- Offline
    I naturally love helping people enjoy life. EFT is a way to happiness, let's start today!
  • Rebekka Zafarbakhshian
    Rebekka Zafarbakhshian--- Offline
    Experience how tapping can help you to overcome stress, find inner peace and feel more energized!
  • Louise Smith
    Louise Smith--- Offline
    My passion is eliminating stress and anxiety and helping you to find peace and calm. I can help now.
  • Lauren Cooper
    Lauren Cooper--- Offline
    I align with clients to deliver empowered EFT sessions to create significant change in life/business
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