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  • Bev Nerenberg
    Bev Nerenberg--- Available for Session
    Go from the Stress response to Relaxation response easily, effectively and quickly! Let's tap!
  • Miriam Palacios-Cadena
    Miriam Palacios-Cadena--- Offline
    Transform your pain. Unlock greater capacities and skills from your stress and anxiety.
  • Vandana Bhasin
    Vandana Bhasin--- Offline
    Expert in PainI speak: English
  • Lisa Cary
    Lisa Cary--- Offline
    Mind/Body healing at its best! Unleash your innate power to move beyond pain, illness and anxiety.
  • Christine McDevitt
    Christine McDevitt--- Offline
    Help for physical or emotional health issues that aren't resolving as expected
  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson--- Offline
    Manage Stress, Overcome Anxiety, Unlock Your Highest Potential
  • Tina T
    Tina T--- Offline
    I love helping overworked professionals and students deal with stress, pain, and insomnia.
  • Nelida Dunigan
    Nelida Dunigan--- Offline
    Your empowering moment is now! I'm a certified Intentional Communicator that provides a safe space.
  • Maria DePasquale
    Maria DePasquale--- Offline
    If you are looking for wholeness and transformation, you have come to the right place.

    Love and belonging keep us feeling strong and connected. Fear and overwhelm keep us questioning our worth, our value, and careen us out of balance. All of it is human. How much time you spend in each is not as simple as making a choice, but it is as simple as learning new ways to navigate.

    How do I know this? Because my life was careening out of balance when I was introduced to EFT. I am an RN. For 40 years I have practiced my profession. Most of those years as a hospice nurse, guiding people and their families as they voyaged through challenges of knowing life's end is near. I learned much about living from them.The work was often messy, emotional and cherished.

    One day after an especially satisfying visit to a home, the chaplain, new to this work, was full of gratitude. "Call me any time. I love working with you. I've learned so much."

    We hugged. I got in my car and cried. Why is this happening?

    I learned in giving such tremendous care to others I was not caring for myself. My energy was depleted. At home my energy bank empty, I sat on the couch watching tv, eating lifeless food, disinterested in date nights, grumpy and self critical. At work, I put on a happy face and scavenged all of my energy to give to those in "real need".

    I'd been struggling with variations of this story for all of my life. No longer was I willing to ignore it. Enter EFT.

    Yes, it's weird.
    Yes, it seems to good to be true.
    Yes, it's extremely successful for stress reduction & relief from all that stress can escalate.
    Yes, it can decrease physical pain.
    Yes, it can give you more breathing space and hope for a larger life.

    No, it doesn't make life perfect.
    No, it's not for everyone.

    EFT is for you if you are:
    Curious & willing to explore
    In search of connection
    Yearning to live more fully
    Ready for a new beginning
    Done with "same old ways"

    Is this you? Let's work together.
    Thank you.
  • Andrea Meier, PhD
    Andrea Meier, PhD--- Offline
    Struggling with pandemic anxiety? With EFT you can break free, regain your wellbeing and calmness.
  • Rebekka Zafarbakhshian
    Rebekka Zafarbakhshian--- Offline
    Experience how tapping can help you to overcome stress, find inner peace and feel more energized!
  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson--- Offline
    Gain clarity, clear issues, allow a clean slate, utilise Mind/Body/Energy, & support the transitions
  • Charlotte
    Charlotte--- Offline
    Tapping is a great way to reduce pain and help you enjoy life.
  • Christine Lawless
    Christine Lawless--- Offline
    EFT practitioner and counsellor working with you to regain joy, balance and wellbeing in your life.
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