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  • Sarah Drijfhout
    Sarah Drijfhout--- Offline
    I help clients clear up the past, create a future, and find joy in the present.
  • Kitty Mrache
    Kitty Mrache--- Offline
    I love to help clients use EFT to clear the cause of their fears and trauma to create a joyful life.
  • Maria Macias
    Maria Macias--- Offline
    I am grateful to be a small part of a community that offers hope to a hurting world!
  • Gill Gibson
    Gill Gibson--- Offline
    Helping you create positive, forward momentum in life. Let's go!
  • Debbie Karl
    Debbie Karl--- Offline
    Let me help you Improve your Quality of Life. Release pain, anxiety, trauma & PTSD
  • Melissa Pucely
    Melissa Pucely--- Offline
    Transform your emotional well-being and become free from past and present limitations.
  • Cheryl Ennis
    Cheryl Ennis--- Offline
    I help clients solve negative relationship patterns, stress, anxiety and issues stemming from trauma
  • Anna Schulist
    Anna Schulist--- Offline
    Ready to be defined by your authentic self rather than your trauma? I'd love to help!
  • Darlene I. Martin
    Darlene I. Martin--- Offline
    I am a spiritually guided practitioner that works with PTSD and Stress. I am available to help you.
  • Niko Ana Jeanne
    Niko Ana Jeanne--- Offline
    Tap with me right now and start to heal trauma that keeps you in anxiety & painful patterns.
  • Andrea Withers
    Andrea Withers--- Offline
    I would love to help you remember who you really are! I'm here when you're ready to heal
  • Charlene Smart
    Charlene Smart--- Offline
    Just because the past has left its mark, doesn't mean we have to live within its shadow.
  • Noelle Gaburon
    Noelle Gaburon--- Offline
    EFT TAPPING changed my life and can transform your life and your problems. TAP with me TODAY!
  • Ashleigh Marlow
    Ashleigh Marlow--- Offline
    Physical or emotional health issues? Release stress and trauma in a supportive, non-judgmental space
  • Dr. Michael Bilkis, MD
    Dr. Michael Bilkis, MD--- Offline
    I am a board certified physician and find EFT to be the best method to address stress & anxiety
  • Chrissy Ortner
    Chrissy Ortner--- Offline
    Reset your stress and overwhelm to calm confidence. Specialising in Stress, Chronic Pain, Phobias..
  • Jennifer Brazinsky Jones
    Jennifer Brazinsky Jones--- Offline
    I am licensed psychotherapist and certified EFT practitioner. I am honored to work with you!
  • Cassandra Love Lambert
    Cassandra Love Lambert--- Offline
    I Help Women Overcome Trauma & Build Confidence!
  • Jessie Farmiloe
    Jessie Farmiloe--- Offline
    Release anxiety, stress, trauma and PTSD to move you towards living a vital life.
  • Dawson Church
    Dawson Church--- Offline
    EFT Tapping has changed my life, and can transform even long-standing problems. Tap here today!
  • Evie Soemardi
    Evie Soemardi--- Offline
    Reduce your pain and confusion to find your centre again and move forward with clarity.
  • Narnia Dawn Breathes
    Narnia Dawn Breathes--- Offline
    Fast, effective stress relief.
  • Allison Ewing
    Allison Ewing--- Offline
    Healing comes when core limiting beliefs are discovered & neutralized, quickly with EFT!
  • Rose Winter
    Rose Winter--- Offline
    Healing might be closer than you think.
  • Maria DePasquale
    Maria DePasquale--- Offline
    If you are looking for wholeness and transformation, you have come to the right place.

    Love and belonging keep us feeling strong and connected. Fear and overwhelm keep us questioning our worth, our value, and careen us out of balance. All of it is human. How much time you spend in each is not as simple as making a choice, but it is as simple as learning new ways to navigate.

    How do I know this? Because my life was careening out of balance when I was introduced to EFT. I am an RN. For 40 years I have practiced my profession. Most of those years as a hospice nurse, guiding people and their families as they voyaged through challenges of knowing life's end is near. I learned much about living from them.The work was often messy, emotional and cherished.

    One day after an especially satisfying visit to a home, the chaplain, new to this work, was full of gratitude. "Call me any time. I love working with you. I've learned so much."

    We hugged. I got in my car and cried. Why is this happening?

    I learned in giving such tremendous care to others I was not caring for myself. My energy was depleted. At home my energy bank empty, I sat on the couch watching tv, eating lifeless food, disinterested in date nights, grumpy and self critical. At work, I put on a happy face and scavenged all of my energy to give to those in "real need".

    I'd been struggling with variations of this story for all of my life. No longer was I willing to ignore it. Enter EFT.

    Yes, it's weird.
    Yes, it seems to good to be true.
    Yes, it's extremely successful for stress reduction & relief from all that stress can escalate.
    Yes, it can decrease physical pain.
    Yes, it can give you more breathing space and hope for a larger life.

    No, it doesn't make life perfect.
    No, it's not for everyone.

    EFT is for you if you are:
    Curious & willing to explore
    In search of connection
    Yearning to live more fully
    Ready for a new beginning
    Done with "same old ways"

    Is this you? Let's work together.
    Thank you.
  • Vicki Dau
    Vicki Dau--- Offline
    Feeing anxious? Stressed? Fearful? Let’s tap, calm down and think clearer.
  • Mary Kalbach
    Mary Kalbach--- Offline
    I create safe space for our collaboration on your emotional journey. You are so worth this!
  • Nicole Herrle
    Nicole Herrle--- Offline
    I help emotionally and physically abused victims to release trauma. Start living your full potential
  • Dr. Damon Silas
    Dr. Damon Silas--- Offline
    I discovered EFT after working with the military & seeing a lot of PTSD. What an incredible tool!
  • Carrie Saba
    Carrie Saba--- Offline
    Helping you release the stress & silent struggle within so you feel happier and shine brighter.
  • Kim E
    Kim E--- Offline
    What do you need right now? Sometimes a little guidance and help is all it takes. You deserve it!
  • Lynne Redan
    Lynne Redan--- Offline
    I help clients reverse the impact of negative events and ongoing stress to achieve real health.
  • Steven Gottlieb
    Steven Gottlieb--- Offline
    You deserve stress relief and emotional healing. I am here to help you now.
  • Lexie Danner
    Lexie Danner--- Offline
    I am a licensed therapist here to help. I look forward to working with you!
  • Tony Roebuck
    Tony Roebuck--- Offline
    Tony is a New Thought minister, Tapping into Wealth Coach and a Clinical EFT Practitioner
  • Vladimir Gurevich
    Vladimir Gurevich--- Offline
    EFT can be dubbed 'Extremely Fast Tool'. Are you in pain? Let's help you fast to smile again.
  • Lionel Richmond
    Lionel Richmond--- Offline
    My whole life has been turned around by Energy Psychology! And so have those of my clients. Welcome!
  • Jackie Viramontez
    Jackie Viramontez--- Offline
    We can release anxious energy so you can feel empowered in your work and relationships!
  • Anne Stanley
    Anne Stanley--- Offline
    Are you ready to excel in all facets of your life. Tap with me now.
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