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  • Jenny Manning
    Jenny Manning--- Offline
    I am a Coaching Psychologist based in London, England with over 30 years’ experience working in professional psychology. I specialise in guiding women who have dieted repeatedly to free themselves from emotional eating and to lose weight for good.
    I stumbled across EFT several years ago when I was working on my own longstanding emotional eating patterns and I am constantly amazed at the power of EFT for reaching parts of the subconscious that other therapies just can't reach.
    I listen deeply to my clients and I have been told I create an atmosphere where people feel safe and they don’t feel they are being judged. I have had to deal with several very challenging life events and I bring deep levels of empathy and sensitivity to my work with others. I work in partnership with my clients and I honour the wisdom of every client for shaping the direction of our work together.
    I have lived and worked in both England and Australia and specialised in using psychology in business, especially in developing and supporting leaders to be the best that they can be. I am a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society and a Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.
    Let's tap together and explore how your subconscious can help you move forwards with confidence.
  • Eugenia Barton
    Eugenia Barton--- Offline
    Why wait?
    EFT can help you let go of emotional and physical pain
    Let's get started.
  • Sonia Niebergall
    Sonia Niebergall--- Offline
    EFT changed my life! Need to get rid of voices that block your forward progress? Let's go! :)
  • Stephanie Labay
    Stephanie Labay--- Offline
    I help clients get to the root of the internal blocks that are keeping them stuck in a limited version of self.
  • Allison Ewing
    Allison Ewing--- Offline
    Healing comes when core limiting beliefs are discovered & neutralized, quickly with EFT!
  • Jennifer Jackson
    Jennifer Jackson--- Offline
    Compassionate healing at your fingertips
  • Ros Bongiorno
    Ros Bongiorno--- Offline
    Transforming your relationship with food and your body so that you can achieve your health goals
  • Claudette Pelletier-Hannah
    Claudette Pelletier-Hannah--- Offline
    Weight and Wellness Coach who supports people to live happier, healthier lives in smaller pants.
  • Delisa Renideo
    Delisa Renideo--- Offline
    Is emotional eating keeping you from losing weight? Let me help you manage stress in a healthy way.
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer--- Offline
    Lose Weight / Eliminate Cravings / Control Your Eating Habits!

    I will help you Look & Feel Amazing!
  • Carol Crenshaw
    Carol Crenshaw--- Offline
    Specializing in weight loss; also works extensively on stress management and life challenges.
  • Christine Hunt
    Christine Hunt--- Offline
    Live in a body and life that you love. Let me help you get over it so you can get on with it
  • Vladimir Gurevich
    Vladimir Gurevich--- Offline
    EFT can be dubbed 'Extremely Fast Tool'. Are you in pain? Let's help you fast to smile again.
  • Katie Clark
    Katie Clark--- Offline
    I am passionate about ensuring you feel truly heard and are empowered to create lasting change.
  • Charlotte
    Charlotte--- Offline
    Tapping is a great way to reduce pain and help you enjoy life.
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